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Sebastian County Court Records

Sebastian County District Court - Barling
P.O. Box #23039
Barling, AR 72923

Phone Number: 479-452-1568
Fax Number: 479-452-3220

Sebastian County District Court - Central City
1101 Hwy 255
Central City, AR 72941

Phone Number: 479-452-6680

Sebastian County District Court - Fort Smith
901 S. B Street #103
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Phone Number: 479-784-2420
Fax Number: 479-784-2438

Sebastian County District Court - Greenwood
P.O. Box #925
Greenwood, AR 72936

Telephone Number: 479-996-6501
Fax Number: 479-996-1175

Sebastian County Circuit Court
901 S. B Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Telephone Number: 479-782-1046
Fax Number: 479-784-1580

Sebastian County Circuit Court
11 Town Sq. #103
Greenwood, AR 72956

Phone Number: 479-996-4175
Fax Number: 479-996-6885

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