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Washington County District Court - Elkins
P.O. Box #56
Elkins, AR 72727

Telephone Number: 479-643-4170
Fax Number: 479-643-3368

Washington County District Court - Fayetteville
100 B. W Rock St.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone Number: 479-587-3591
Fax Number: 479-444-3480

Washington County District Court - Prairie Grove
P.O. Box #329
Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Telephone Number: 479-846-3467
Fax Number: 479-846-5548

Washington County District Court - Springdale
201 N. Spring St.
Springdale, AR 72764

Telephone Number: 479-750-8143
Fax Number: 479-750-8564

Washington County District Court - West Fork
P.O. Box #339
West Fork, AR 72774

Phone Number: 479-839-3249
Fax Number: 479-839-3335

Washington County Circuit Court
280 N. College Ave. #302
Fayettesville, AR 72701

Telephone Number: 479-444-1538
Fax Number: 479-444-1537

Other Courts in Washington County

Bethel Heights City Court
530 Sunrise Dr.
Bethel Heights, AR 72764

Telephone Number: 479-751-7481
Fax Number: 479-750-1698

Elm Spring City Court
P.O. Box #74
Elm Spring, AR 72728

Phone Number: 479-248-7323
Fax Number: 479-248-6623

Farmington City Court
P.O. Box #150
Farmington, AR 72730

Telephone Number: 479-267-3865
Fax Number: 501-267-5511

Greenland City Court
P.O. Box #67
Greenland, AR 72737

Phone Number: 479-521-5760
Fax Number: 479-521-7780

Johnson City Court
P.O. Box #563
Johnson, AR 72741

Telephone Number: 479-521-3192
Fax Number: 479-521-9157

Lincoln City Court
P.O. Box #967
Lincoln, AR 72744

Phone Number: 479-824-3321
Fax Number: 479-824-4126

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