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Polk County Court Records


Polk County Circuit Courts

Polk County Circuit Court - Judicial Circuit 30
Polk County Courthouse
102 E. Broadway Rm. #14
Bolivar, MO 65613

Phone Number: 417-326-4912
Fax Number: 417-326-4194

Other Courts in Polk County

Bolivar Municipal Court
P.O. Box #9
Bolivar, MO 65613

Phone Number: 417-328-0233
Fax Number: 417-777-6069

Fair Play Municipal Court
P.O. Box #55
Fair Play, MO 65649

Telephone Number: 417-654-2518
Fax Number: 417-654-4023

Humansville Municipal Court
202 W. Buffalo St.
P.O. Box #144
Humansville, MO 65674

Telephone Number: 417-754-9271

Pleasant Hope Municipal Court
P.O. Box #163
Pleasant Hope, MO 65725

Phone Number: 417-467-2697
Fax Number: 417-467-2114

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