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Ray County Court Records


Ray County Circuit Courts

Ray County Circuit Court - Judicial Circuit 8
Ray County Courthouse
100 W. Main St.
Richmond, MO 64085

Telephone Number: 816-776-3377
Fax Number: 816-776-6016

Other Courts in Ray County

Camden Municipal Court
105 Walnut St.
Camden, MO 64017

Telephone Number: 816-776-5704

Crystal Lake Municipal Court
15393 W. Lakeshore Dr.
Crystal Lake, MO 64024

Telephone Number: 636-937-4604

Hardin Municipal Court
P.O. Box #227
Henrietta, MO 64036

Telephone Number: 660-290-5337

Henrietta Municipal Court
P.O. Box #227
Henrietta, MO 64036

Phone Number: 816-290-5337
Fax Number: 816-494-5432

Lawson Municipal Court
P.O. Box #185
Lawson, MO 64062

Phone Number: 816-580-3217
Fax Number: 816-580-3914

Orrick Municipal Court
227 W. South Front.
P.O. Box #227
Orrick, MO 64077

Telephone Number: 816-770-3607
Fax Number: 816-496-3814

Richmond Municipal Court
205 Summit St.
Richmond, MO 64085

Phone Number: 816-776-5304 Ext. 115
Fax Number: 816-776-8216

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