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St. Croix County Court Records

St. Croix County Circuit Courts

St. Croix County Circuit Court
1101 Carmichael Rd.
Hudson, WI 54016

Telephone Number: 715-386-4630
Fax Number: 715-381-4396

Other Courts in St. Croix County

City of Hudson Municipal Court
911 4th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

Telephone Number: 715-386-5929
Fax Number: 715-377-0765

City of New Richmond Municipal Court
156 E. 1st St.
New Richmond, WI 54017

Telephone Number: 715-246-4268

Glenwood City Municipal Court
132 Pine St.
P.O. Box #368
Glenwood City, WI 54013

Phone Number: 715-265-4227
Fax Number: 715-265-7307

Village of Baldwin Municipal Court
400 Cedar St.
P.O. Box #118
Baldwin, WI 54002

Phone Number: 715-684-4930
Fax Number: 715-684-2490

Village of Hammond Municipal Court
455 Davis St.
P.O. Box #299
Hammond, WI 54015

Telephone Number: 715-796-2345 Ext. 17
Fax Number: 715-796-5454

Village of North Hudson Municipal Court
400 7th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

Phone Number: 715-377-7989
Fax Number: 715-386-7011

Village of Roberts Municipal Court
107 E. Maple St.
Roberts, WI 54023

Telephone Number: 715-749-3467
Fax Number: 715-749-3487

Village of Somerset Municipal Court
110 Spring St.
Somerset, WI 54025 

Telephone Number: 715-247-3319
Fax Number: 715-247-5987

Village of Star Prairie
207 Bridge Ave.
P.O. Box #13
Star Prairie, WI 54026

Telephone Number: 715-248-1502
Fax Number: 715-248-7501

Village of Woodville Municipal Court
102 S. Main St.
P.O. Box #205
Woodville, WI 54028

Phone Number: 715-698-2355
Fax Number: 715-698-2697

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